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Translation & Localization

Your content must inspiring, motivating and influencing because your business depends on it.

  • Translate your website with right tone and optimize your content with local words and maker sure it get noticed in search engines.
  • Landing Page – We fine-tune the design and increase the readability for Chinese consumers.

Connections with Wholesalers

Find qualified Chinese Wholesale Distributors with Foreign Trade Registration Certificate.

  • Discover potential industry players.
  • We actively contact selected Chinese companies on behalf of you.
  • We facilitate the conversation via email, call,or video conference.

Social Media Construction & Maintenance

Our team help your businss stand out in the crowded marketplace and increase your customer base:

  • Wechat: Effectively leverage customer engagement through personalized marketing messages within over 500 million users.
  • Weibo: Fan pages on Weibo are open to 600 million registered users. Brands can frequently distribute information, which can spread virally.
  • Others: Engaging, keyword-rich content that users can find, read, like, and share with others.

Content Marketing

Want to Generate more leads and Engagement? Spread Awareness? Drive Sales? We provide you with:

  • Tailored articles that fit your brand and suites Chinese Audiences’ tastes.
  • Manage and promote you Wechat and Weibo account through engaging contents, posts and shares.
  • Customer support over the website to build real customer relationships in a timely manner

Market Analysis

Focus on key drivers of growth to your operations in China and provide you with a clear vision on how to sell in China.

  • Identify the size and growth of your market.
  • Provide practical insights on your key consumer segments:
  • Adapt your strategy to your customer segments.

Trade Fair Registration

Showcase and demonstrate your business, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

  • Find the most influcing exhibitors in your industry.
  • Administrative assistance.
  • Collect information and fcilitate communication during the exibition.
  • Follow up with the business leads.