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Wechat – Empowering People

Wechat – Empowering People

For marketers wanting to expand their work and businesses online, social media offers a free, easy, convenient method to advertise products and services with just one tweet or timeline update.

So much so, however, that popular apps such as Facebook and Twitter, find themselves oversaturated with a large variety of spam pages, fan pages, business pages, and even blogs. Unable to keep up, these same apps limit the amount of interactions followers can have with their favorite brands and companies. Some go so far as to even restrict purchasing products via social media or force users to download two or more apps just to send messages or edit photos.

Marketers wanting to not only expand but also establish a long lasting connection with customers, without encumbering them with a plethora of apps, may just want to consider this next, best social media app. This great application not only allows users to message friends and share on personal timelines but also:

What? There’s an app for that? Yes! There’s an app for that! Wechat isn’t just for posting selfies. With over 570 million active users, the Wechat app connects people with businesses and services all across China! How? Easy! When a user follows or likes their favorite brand, product, or service, these same users can access blog posts, sales of products, and even message the company directly via Wechat.


Think about it: you’re a cab service in China trying to get some more customers. Open up an account with Wechat and start posting all about your business. Take advantage of the app’s ability to let you advertise your service directly to the seller. Who knows, customers may even click on the bottom menu and purchase their next cab ride straight from the Wechat app! Entrepreneurs utilizing Wechat can also link back their personal blogs to garner more organic views, which are essential in gaining profit from online advertising and sales. Organic views also contribute to returning customers, since a real person is looking at your website with sincere interest, rather than a spam bot.

In addition to its great features, Wechat also gives marketers the power to choose how to promote their content. Much like Facebook and Twitter, Wechat allows users to post pictures, upload video, and even listen to music. For musicians seeking to promote their album, the ability to post a sample of music to a growing fan base could make the difference in earning that next hit single. Fashion companies looking for their next model could easily promote a contest, even create a personal #hashtag so that all fans can tune in and be a part of the experience, and of course grow audience numbers and views.

And don’t think Wechat just caters to Chinese users. While Wechat is one of the most popular social media apps being used in China, over 100 million of its users don’t actually live in China. That means your business can easily connect to clients overseas as well. Wechat offers the flexibility to be unique, creative, and personal when promoting and growing your business, all wrapped up in one great app.