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3 Best Wechat Marketing Campaigns

3 Best Wechat Marketing Campaigns

So you’re using Wechat but are having some trouble making that next post.

Sometimes marketers have to think outside of the post box and go beyond posting simple pictures of their products. If you’re in a slump, take a leaf out of these 5 companies’ book and their current marketing campaigns on social media. Maybe you can practice another posting technique before you reshare that same article about traffic for the seventh time.

1. Sephora Rewards Its Fans

Cosmetic giant Sephora is not afraid to show some love to their loyal customers. In the comapany’s last marketing campaign, Sephora had the bright idea of creating a Wechat page that merged their official Rewards/Points landing page with social media. Using Wechat’s mini shop capabilities, Sephora offered discounts, loyalty points, and even freebies to their Wechat followers. By merging Wechat with the Points program, followers didn’t have to switch between apps or webpages to access their rewards. Sephora provided a super easy way for these loyal fans to use just the Wechat app to exchange their points and win prizes.

Going even another step further, Sephora went ahead and took advantage of a viral trend to add to their campaign: the adoration for purple teddy bears. With a competitor teddy bear going viral, Sephora went ahead and created their own teddy bear to attract more customers. The company offered the pink bear as a free prize only if Wechat fans took selfies, utilized Sephora’s unique hashtag, and shared across their timelines. By encouraging fans to participate and get free product for said participation, Sephora has been able to grow and maintin a large number of new loyal customers even after the end of their cute campaign.


2. Starbucks’ Quirky QR Codes

One of the best marketing campaigns Wechat can cater to is utilizing QR codes. QR codes can be unique and redirect to a website, as well as easily placed on a multitude of related product. Customers can scan the code and be taken to a website, app, or even advertizement if the company chooses. Starbucks utilized QR technology to garner over 130,000 followers on Wechat and counting. The Starbucks campaign started out simply by putting QR codes on their coffee cups. Customers would scan the Starbucks QR code, which sent them over to request Starbucks as a friend through Wechat.

Those who became friends were then offered a playlist of 26 songs to listen to, Starbuck took it even further than just offering a playlist. Customers were asked to send 1 of the 26 emoticons used on Wechat to describe how they felt when drinking Starbucks. In response to the emoticon post, Starbucks would additionally send 1 of the 26 songs they shared that coresponded with the mood of the emoticon. Fans were delighted that this beverage giant responded to their posts and some participated more than once during the campaign. By the time Starbucks was done having fun and chatting it up with Wechat fans, the campaign had successfully pulled in over 57,000 posts all regarding Starbucks. That’s a lot of exposure that any brand could enjoy using the Wechat app.


3. Pepsi Celebrates the Lunar New Year

Don’t think that holidays can hold back your campaign strategies. Pepsi, taking advantage of the festive season, decided that their fans needed a little more music to ring in the new year. Reaching out on Wechat, Pepsi went ahead and offered an adorable means to have friends and family connect via video messaging. What made Pepsi special, however, is this video message would have fans singing or speaking over the Pepsi theme song, “Pepsi Delivering Happiness”. Pepsi also offered additional sound clips to be added to the video, such as traffic noise or the sound of a galloping horse to symbolize the Year of the Horse.

Fans loved using this video message and Pepsi gained a lot of brand exposure as friends and family across China opened their Wechat messages only to hear the Pepsi jingle. The best part is Pepsi wasn’t telling fans directly to buy their drink during the Lunar New Year. Marketers at Pepsi understood that the focus of the Lunar New Year was more important than bottle sales. Spreading happiness, it seemed, was Pepsi’s goal for this campaign and the results are telling. This campaign during a busy festive season was well recieved and gained over 870 million views on the Pepsi videos alone. That’s a lot of happy Pepsi fans! pepsi-wechat

Give one of these strategies a try on your next marketing campaing. Wechat has so many capabillities, giving marketeres a variety of options to show themselves off. Appeal to the shopper’s thriftiness like Sephora or create custom QR codes for more views on your Wechat page. Marketers can even plan ahead and create a campaign that ties in with holiday themes or appeals to customer values. By being interactive on Wechat, companies can build a relationship with their customers and greatly increase their brand recognition in their next marketing campaign.