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Free translator may cost you more?

Free translator may cost you more?

What’s cheaper than free?

Do you use the services of a free online translator for your business communication? Then you know the limitations of such online translating services.

The final results of online translations have a lot of grammatical errors because the focus is on exact translation rather than syntax. You just get a gist of the original content and not the specific nuances which get lost in translation. This is especially the case with Chinese language which is more difficult to translate than other languages.

Risks of using an online translator

If you are planning to conduct business in a foreign country, for example China, you need to launch promotional advertisements and exchange messages with clients in Chinese language. You need to develop a Chinese version of your website to reach out to the buyers there. If you make use of an online translator for conversion of content, it is very likely that the message which you are trying to convey will get skewed in translation. This can have serious consequences and can sabotage your new venture. Poorly structured sentences can create a bad impression on the consumers abroad. If the words don’t match your intention and turn out to have a completely different meaning, the buyers can misinterpret it. It can make your company look unprofessional and careless. You can lose a lot of customers because of this.


The online translator is:

Benefits of using human translation services

Let us continue with the example of China. If you take the help of a Chinese translation company, the native speakers of the language can help you to get the translation exactly right. They can provide you the correct words for expressing your objective. If you make use of linguistically correct language for conducting business, it immediately increases your company’s credibility and helps in establishing a good customer base abroad because the people understand what you are trying to convey. You can use the Chinese translation service for the following purposes:

Communication is a very important part of conducting business. Human translation or Chinese translation service in case of the example can help your business to grow and expand. It can also help you to create a consistent voice and brand image in every location. The human touch can eliminate the aloofness of automated language.

You should make the effort of hiring the service of a translation company because your business does not deserve to suffer due to poor translation.