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Marketing To The New Consumer

Marketing To The New Consumer

As the world modernizes, so do its citizens and so do its consumers. With the development of civilization, new problems arise and there is a need of new solutions. What worked back in the 18th century will not work now.

This is where the new consumers come in. The new Chinese consumer looks for quality, effectiveness, speed of delivery and much more! Here are some tips to effective marketing in China. How To Market To The New Consumers

1. Understanding The Customer

This goes without saying – understand what your customers need. Creating products that solve problems is the key to successful business.

2. Improving Brand Image

There is no point in having the right products that solve the problem without consumer awareness. If the consumer doesn’t know that your brand exists, it doesn’t matter how good your products are! Create awareness. Create and focus on keeping your brand image.

3. Growth

Next comes growth, namely, expanding your business, reaching new avenues, trying new things, etc., thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

4. Ethnicity

Making your brand culture-specific increases more sales. Consumers might like your product, but it might not speak to them if it doesn’t lie in harmony with their beliefs which are largely influenced by their culture. Whichever region you are promoting your brand in, make sure you bring in some nativity, even if your idea is completely radical.

5. E-commerce

Having a Chinese selling website will hugely promote your sales. Not only will customers be happy that you have taken the time to communicate with them in a tongue they love, but you will also be able reach a greater audience and plus be listed on Chinese search engines! It is expected that the Chinese ecommerce industry would cross over the combined industries of Europe and the US in the coming few years.

6. Mobile Marketing

Most people do their shopping in their leisure time. And tech savvy shoppers bring it up by shopping online. Sales can boom up with a mobile friendly website. Even better is to have a mobile application, especially in Chinese.

7. Ethics

Consumers love ethical brands. Brands that give what they say, have great customer service and are focused on keeping their customers happy. All is lost if ethics are not in place. With this go to guide on basic marketing specifics to keep in mind, you will be happy and you will be able to keep your customers happy!