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Connect to Chinese Consumers

Connect to Chinese Consumers

It is said that birds of a feather flock together. People of a common linguistic group, in a foreign country, often talk in their native tongue.

And if you have ever been abroad, you might have experienced the utter joy you feel when you encounter someone from your place. The best way to connect to anyone is to remind them of their heritage. And speaking or demonstrating in their native language will help win over anyone and will even turn the worst of enemies into friends!

This is just one of the ways to communicate effectively; here are some more ways to connect to Chinese consumers.

  1. Chinese Selling Website

    The Chinese e-commerce industry is expected to cross that of the Europe and the United States industries combined in the upcoming three years. This makes having a Chinese selling website a crucial marketing tool. It not only reaches the Chinese audience but also will win over their hearts. They would know that you have made the effort to communicate in a language they love.

  2. Bringing Ethnicity To Play

    David Comeau, the former President of Mondelez International once said that marketing in China is not just about bringing in a product, it’s about understanding what the Chinese people want and to develop the idea so that it feels homegrown. Western products might not be able to break the Chinese market on pure ambition.

  3. Power of Social Media

    Social media has shaken the world of marketing in the recent years. Viral posts, videos and product reviews are more capable of getting consumers to trust you that information from official sources. This is true for all over the world and not just the Chinese. But marketing to the world’s second largest economy is not an easy task and social media can help you out here.

  4. Partnering With Digital Enterprises

    This is new trend in marketing. Native retailers have begun partnering with ecommerce based businesses to create effective marketing campaigns; an example is the partnering of P&G with Baidu.

  5. Understanding The Consumer

    Understanding a problem, finding a breakthrough solution and then selling your services to solve the problem. This is what all successful business do. Though ethnicity of the solution creates wonders, it is the solution itself that helps solve a community problem. Understanding your consumer goes a long way.

With all that said, connecting to Chinese consumers is the new in to fire up your business!