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With foreign brands easily beating out counterfeit and unregulated Chinese markets, Chinese consumers are turning to foreign products in order to get a hold of better quality goods. However, the challenge of China market entry has become an increasingly difficult one of Western companies of all shapes and sizes. The complicated administrative procedures and technical regulations, combined with the inefficient state apparatus and language barriers, cause many difficulties for business to start a wholly foreign owned enterprise.

Seeing this, Ahoy China is born on a mission to help foreign brands to reach customers in China in a simple and efficient way. Retailers can test their new product or service and get feedback directly from customers, while wholesalers can find trustworthy distributors in China. We facilitate every step through content translation, information matching and document drafting.

Find The Most Potent Ways to Reach Chinese Consumers

China can be a rough market for foreign brands these days but the rewards are too great to ignore. Yet rising costs, more sophisticated consumers, and fundamental macroeconomic realities mean that companies can easily burn tons of money in incompetent channels...


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